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Juicy Wine Lovers Box - A combo of our juiciest bottles, enjoy!

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Loop 2019

Alen says: 

“For me it is a very drinkable, low-alcohol wine, after time hardcore funky but really wine not !”

The facts

The wine has an enhancing overripe apple flavor. It has some funky vibe with volatile acidity and oxidative notes. 

Cuvée of 40% Malvasia, 40% Laški Riesling and 20% Rebula. 12 months skin contact in tino (conical barrel), 24 months in big oak barrels.

Vitovska 2020 Gorjansko

Alen says:

“There is only one thing that you can think about when you drink this wine: lively acidity.

The facts

The wine has deep refined fruity notes, followed by funky wild nose and nice freshness. 

  • 12 days of skin-contact in vats
  • year in 54 litre damigiana (big glass vessel)
  • bottled without filtration and added sulfur
  • 12% alc
  • Dry
  • Contains sulphites
  • 0,75l

Sivi Pinot/Pinot Gris 2018

Alen says:

“It is an enjoyable Pinot Gris, fun to drink on a relaxed day.”

The facts

The intense color is reflecting the elegant red fruit aromas. It has a round fruity and herbal flavor. 

  • Vineyards are 16 to 25 years old, growing on shist, clay and sandstone
  • Hand-picked in the mid of September, 20% botrytis on grapes
  • 6 days of maceration with spontaneous fermentation
  • no added yeast, no filtration
  • aged for 12 months in used 500 liter barrels.

Cuvée 2018

Alen says:

„You want to enter the world of electricity – start with this one. Something to lift you up.“

The facts

The flavors are going from soft to fruity, the three grape varieties are expressing their characters and blend into perfectly balanced acidity, gentle ripe fruit and fresh fruity finish. The palate is complex. 

70% Laški Riesling, 20% Renski Riesling, 10% Muskat Ottonell. Handpicked grapes ferment in amphorae (Dolium) up to one year, around the first harvest Zorjan transfers the wine into barrels, where the wine gets more time to rest and is clarified by the natural force of gravity.

  • 13% alc
  • Dry
  • Contains sulphites (just natural from the grapes - no additional sulphites added)
  • 0,75l