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Malvazija Trio

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Malvazija 2020 Komen

Alen says:

“The wine will take you on the spot, with a wild mix of emotions. I enjoy every sip of it."

The facts

Unpolished fruity and funky notes. The palate is between tropical and unripe fruits with a stunning acidity which keeps the wine up.

  • 12 days of skin-contact in vats
  • 1 year in 54 litre damigiana (big glass vessel)
  • bottled without filtration and added sulfur
  • 13% alc
  • Dry
  • Contains sulphites
  • 0,75l

Malvazija 2020

Alen says: 

When I open a bottle of Malvazija I want to relax, take time and enjoy. For me it transmits the energy of Karst.“

The facts

The wine has a perfect balance of acidity and aromatics with a salty finish and a long finnish of minerality. Fruity notes and peach aroma are long present. 

  • 40 year old plants
  • 2 days on skins
  • 12 months in stainless steel

Malvazija 2011 Selekcija

Alen says:

“Calming wine with elegant vibes to go in the mood of tranquillity. Leave it a bit open before drinking it.”

Incredible reflections of amber colour with dried yellow fruit and roasted hazelnuts. The flavour is long with caramel chestnut reflections.

Istrian Malvasia is a grape variety from the remarkably diverse Malvasia family, which presents the Mediterranean but with its origins in Greece. Malvasia shares the crown with Vitovska as the queen of white grape varieties in the Karst region.

The wine has been macerating for 21 days in open vats and rested for 48 months in old oak barrels.

  • 14% alc
  • Dry
  • 0,75l
  • Contains sulphites