Srečko Šumenjak (3)

Šumenjak Pinot Noir 2020


Šumenjak Sauvignon 2020


Šumenjak Pet Nat 2021


Srečko Šumenjak

Kmetija Šumenjak is a family estate located close to Maribor in the Štajerska region. Srečko and his family are taking care of 14 ha of land, their main activity is viticulture on 5 ha. Their main concern in wine production are the vineyards, as they want the microclimate, the soil and the work of the winegrower to give their stamp to the wine. They don’t fertilize the vineyards and don’t use herbicides and synthetic preservatives. All this enables the Šumenjak family to farm in the long term without harmful effects on nature and the consumer. They pick healthy grapes at the appropriate ripeness. The grapes are macerated depending on the variety and style of the wine, and then the fermentation and maturation of the wine is monitored more than directed, so that the wine is produced as naturally as possible.
The personality

A small family estate, that focuses on creating wines in the vineyard, not the cellar. They take care of their family heritage by farming strictly ecologically and thus preserving the environment around them.

The facts

Wine region: Štajerska
Size of vineyards: 5 ha
Grape varieties:Rumeni Muscat, Riesling, Sauvignon, Sivi Pinot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir