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About us

We are on a mission. We are all passionate lovers of Slovenia, the nature, the food and for sure the wine. And we noticed: so many of those amazing natural wines that are being produced in Slovenia are not available anywhere outside Slovenia. We want to change that. 

So, we chose what we believe to be the best of natural wine in Slovenia and want to introduce them to you. Every wine is carefully chosen by our Head of Taste, Alen, and we want you to enjoy them. No trends, no Black Fridays, no marketing BS - just wine. Enjoy!

This is just the beginning. We wanted to start with the winemakers we believe are in the first row of the Slovenian natural wine movement and whose wine we like to drink ourselves the most. Of course there are more natural wine personalities to discover and we will add more producers to our wine selection in the near future.

Curiosity is the perfect starting point to enter the natural wine world! Why don't you just let us choose some bottles for you? Just pick one of our prepacked boxes, they will give you a nice mix and variety of bottles to try. Check them out here: Boxes | DrinkSloWine 

Still not sure what to order? Just drop us a message on +386 41842209 or send a mail to Alen will be happy to give you some reccomendations.

Sure, just write us a short message to and we will contact you as soon as possible. 


Indeed, you can find bottles (including organic wine) in this price range. We cannot compete with this price for a few reasons: supermarket wine is an industrial product, produced from huge monoculture vineyards, that are optimized to generate a big yield.
The winemaking process is based on economic factors to keep the price low. Mistakes or flaws of the wine are masked with a long list of additives, which you will not find specified on the bottle. Our wines are free of any kind of additives that do not belong in wine and are all produced by small-scale family wineries, made in an artisan way and include a lot of manual work and respect for the ecosystem of the vineyard. We were calculating for a long time because we believe natural wine should be an affordable product. Yet we want to emphasise the value of the hard work behind each bottle, which allows us to enjoy these fantastic wines. So, thank you for supporting us on our mission!


Please let us know under if you have the feeling something is wrong with the bottle you opened. Once opened we cannot take any bottles back, but we will make sure to find a solution that will make both of us happy.

Be aware that natural wine can come in various colors and can contain sediments that make the wine a bit cloudy. This is nothing to worry about. Also if you are new to the natural wine game some bottles can seem a bit different. In comparison with conventional wine they are juicier, livelier, full of aromas that you never experienced in wine before. Be curious and just enjoy.


There is no real definition. Our winemakers though use minimally invasive methods, follow biodynamic standards and try to leave the winemaking to nature.

Usually, when making white wines, the skin of the grapes is removed at the beginning of the fermentation. With skin contact wines, the skin (and often the stems) stay with the grapes for a few days. It changes the character of these wines, gives them more structure and a richer flavour profile.  

Skin contact white wines have a darker, more orange colour. It is the same idea as with red wines: the red colour of those comes from the skin of the grapes. The orange colour is what you get if you also use the skin of white grapes during the fermentation process. 

Although Slovenia is a very small country it is still home to several wine regions with distictive climatic conditions, different soil types, grape varieties and also wine making traditions. In the western part of the country you find Vipava Valley (Batič), Kras (Štemberger, Fon, Švara), Goriška brda and Istra. In the east of Slovenia the most important wine regions are Štajerska (Zorjan, Urbajs, Šuman) and Bizejlsko (Keltis). 

We will make sure you find the right wines for every occasion. Just drop us a message on +386 41842209 or send a mail to Alen will be happy to give you some reccomendations.