Radovan Suman's Wines (6)

Moon Drops 2021


Sun Drops 2021


Rhein Riesling 2020


Essence & Spirit 2010


Sivi pinot/Pinot Gris 2021


Pinot Noir 2021


Radovan Šuman

His grapes are grown in the highest biodynamic standards, following cosmic cycles and respecting nature. His focus is to capture the essence and spiritual core of the vineyards. If you go and visit him, take some time for tasting his wines, be open-minded, listen well and listen actively. His presence and his lively and energetic wines will calm you down and motivate you to reflect.
The personality

Rado is outstandingly approachable, enthusiastic and super knowledgeable. Having kept the child inside alive, he is wild at heart and plays with winemaking. And when done with it, well, he really likes to drink his own wine.

His thoughts

„The basic idea is that the wine is purely made from grapes, with which we do not interfere. Grapes come from nature and the essence of wine are the basic processes during cellaring that we don’t obstruct. We follow the cosmic rhythms. It’s not enough to be a good wine maker, what is important is to preserve what nature created – that is all.“

The facts

Wine region: Štajerska
Size of vineyards: 8 ha
Grape varieties: Laški Riesling, Renski Riesling, Pinot gris, Chardonnay, Traminec, Rumeni Muškat, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot Noir
Philosophy: following highest biodynamic principles, farm based on biodynamic cycles, Demeter-certified