Božidar Zorjan (8)

Muscat Ottonel






Laški Rizling


Renski Riesling


Sauvignon Magnum 2008 1,5l


Chardonnay Magnum 2018 1,5l




Božidar Zorjan

He believes that nature will always find a balance, so, he is trusting in the natural process. Not following any trends but setting them - without making a big fuss about it. To understand Božidar and his philosophy you have to take the full tour of his farm. We pass the amphoras buried next to his house, go through the vineyards to say hello to his sheep and geese and then step into his forest where you can find his deers. He developed his own holistic approach and each component is contributing to this cycle and adding energy to his beautiful wines.
The personality

The zen master of biodynamic wine making, Božidar features endless knowledge and strong belief in nature’s cycles.

His thoughts

„I always wanted to understand how wine was made. That’s why I decided to bring the first amphorae to the farm and embark on the wine-making journey where humans are only a spectator. In nature everything is perfect, which is why every year such wonderful wine is made.“

The facts

Wine region: Štajerska
Size of vineyards: 4 ha
Grape varieties: Chardonnay, Laški Riesling, Renski Riesling, Muškat Ottonel, Sauvignon
Philosophy: following highest biodynamic principles, farm based on biodynamic cycles, Demeter-certified