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Bubbles that lift you up!

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Mufi Pet Nat

Alen says:

Sparkling lemonade. Extremely refreshing wine. Gentle bubbles and fruitiness in the mouth.

Completely dry, light sparkling wine of course with a bit of sediment, which can also be mixed before opening the bottle. Completely without the added SO2. Open carefully !

The facts

Spontaneous fermentation, bottling towards the end of fermentation, which ends in the bottle (method "petnat" – pettilant natural). Slight disgorgement 2 months after fermentation has been completed. Schist, clay and sandstone. Yellow muscat 80%, Sauvignon 20%

Mea Rosé Pet Nat 2022

Alen says:

“Blaufränkisch is my favorite when it comes to red grapes. So here we have something like that. To start a party shake it before opening it!”

Will strike you with its freshness, cherry notes and cleansing acidity.
Matic' first Pet Nat made of Blaufränkisch grapes.

Quickly pressed, fermentation in stainless steel for 1 month. Released after 3 months.

  • 12,5% alc
  • Brut
  • 0,75l
  • Contains sulphites

Pet Nat Rosé 2021Alen says:

“Red Pet Nat lovers: don't miss this one!”

Rich red fruits with a short finish. The same funky vibe as the white Pet Nat.

Minerals and bubbles made only from grape juice which contains 100% Refosco with no added sulfur. 8–10 days in open vats/manual pigeage and bâtonnage.

Be aware that this one should not be shaken! AND please keep it cold! Real cold! Or you'll lose half of the bottle when you open it.

  • 10,5% alc
  • Brut
  • 0,75l
  • Contains sulphites