Matej Svara's Wines (3)

Malvazija 2022


Vitovska 2022


Teran 2022


Matej Švara

Matej Švara is flying under the radar. Not following any trends but his heart and the biodynamic calendar. For him there is no need for barrels, his way is to age the wine in glass vessels (damigiana). He is very precise about his wine, his main goal is to express the pure Karst terroir in his wines. We experienced him as young at heart living his dream by making wine.
The personality

He is a real Karst personality and the love for this territory was the starting point for his winemaking journey 10 years ago. He found his own style which makes his wines unique.

His thoughts

“We are an oasis between the Istrian coast, the Vipava valley and Goriška brda. Karst is wilder and richer in red soil. I tried many wines in my life and in the end I chose my own path. I started to make wine after my taste, a little wild.”

The facts

Wine region: Karst
Size of vineyards: 1,5 ha
Grape varieties: Malvazija, Vitovska, Teran
Philosophy: in harmony and connection with nature. following ąnd respecting biodynamic principles like the moon cycle