Slavcek (3)

Slavček Viktorija rose


Slavček Tkras - Refošk 2019


Slavček Merlot 2017


Kmetija Slavček

Slavček means nightingale. This name for the farm located in Vipava valley was passed on from generation to generation of the Vodopivec family. And it’s a real family affair. We visited Kmetija Slavček recently on a busy working day, four generations helping together to box the new Viktorija sparkling wine. Tomaž still found time for a little tasting, he is slowly taking over the wine production from his father Franc. Tomaž takes care of the biological diversity in the vineyards that are spread around the neighboring hilltops on steep slopes, all works are being done in an ecological way.
The personality

In the cellar the main goal is to express the best varietal characteristics without unnecessary intervention. Precision plays an important role for Tomaž, especially regarding the sparkling wine production.

The facts

Wine region: Vipavska Dolina
Size of vineyards: 15 ha
Grape varieties:Rebula, Laski Rizling, Sivi Pinot, Refosco, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teran