Come, taste, meet!

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Markova ulica 16
5222 Kobarid

Buying online is nice and easy - but it's not the same as walking into a store, holding bottles, looking at lables - and maybe getting a little sample? Exactly!

You can now do that! Come to the beautiful Soca Valley, enjoy the nature, the river, the mountains, the outstanding restaurants around - and don't forget visiting us in Kobarid. 



Located in a former bank office, we have 70 wines from 12 wine makers on stock - and always some that we don't sell online. 

So, it makes sense to come buy. You can also book tastings and spend a few hours with our sommelier Alen. 


Our tastings - Download the flyer!

A trip through Slovenia

Discover wines from all major wine regions, while our Somm Alen gives you an introduction to Slovenian culture, geography - and its indigenous grapes. 


We will pop the corks! We start from an entrance-level PetNat that some winemakers make from the lower quality grapes. You will be surprised how tasty those can be! We will lead you over to some experimental stuff to end up on a few examples of more classic sparkling wines. 

West vs East

Slovenia is small. Yet, it has a number of distinctively different wine regions. We will show you how they differ. We will taste six wines and you will decide who wins: the East or the West! 


You like a surprise? You love it when you have no clue how something will taste before it hits your tongue? Then this is your tasting! We will open a number of our best bottles and show you how far Slovenian wine makers are pushing the limits. The absolute elite of natural wine making is showing what you can do by perfecting your techniques, respecting soil and natural cycles – and by ignoring conventions.

Quick, quick, let's hurry

All of the above sounded great, but you really don’t want to sit there and drink wine for two hours? Ok. We can do faster. Alen will introduce you to a few glasses of his choice and you’ll be back to doing what you need to do in no time.