David Lesar founder and heart of biosing company lives and creates in Ribnica valley, which has the longest, centuries-old artisanal tradition in Slovenia and can be the first product exported outside the borders of Slovenia (SINCE 1492). David is just as craftsman as most people in these places, instead of wood he is producing meat in a very specific way.

His passion is the production of unique matured – the shuealys, the highest quality, which are produced without additives and similar industrial shortcuts. BioSing products are different from those obtained on the market. They differ in several parameters - from technology, sensory, story, philosophy, which also includes sustainable and health aspects – to eat less meat, but of superior quality. Medvedova, jelenova salami and other products ripen in underground clay ripening taking into account the lunar cycle.

BioSing: Organic Salami by David Lesar (3)

Deer Salami


Bio Dry Salami


Bear Salami