Čotar (6)

Vitovska 2020


Bela 2020


Terra Rossa 1999


Malvazija 2020


Terra Rossa 2011


Črna 2016


Branko & Vasja Čotar

The Čotars produced their first wines in 1974 ! They are an organic farm committed to nature friendly winegrowing on their sites Pečina, Olarija, Dražna, Dusce, Polje, Kot, and Ivanji grad, totaling 7.5 ha in surface. Here, vineyard planting entails clearing the forest, airing the bedrock and depositing the soil.
The personality

They are pioneers of maceration of white grapes in Slovenia with their work in the vineyards and wineries evolution The work in the vineyards is organic. All the wines have no added sulfur despite that the wines retain their freshness and youthfulness for many years, even decades.

The facts

Wine region:Kras
Size of vineyards: 7,5 ha
Grape varieties: Malvazija, Rebula, Pinot Gris, Verduc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Philosophy: in harmony and connection with nature, EU-certified organic wines