Štekar (11)

Janko Štekar Belo 2022


Janko Štekar Sivi pinot/Pinot gris 2021


Izi 2022


Janko Štekar Brajda rdeče 2011


Merlot Izbor 2008


Rebula Prilo 2017


Mali 2021


Jankot 2022


Merlot 2022


Kmetija Štekar

Janko and Tamara Štekar continue the work of their family and cultivate 5 ha of vineyards in Goriška Brda, a region with excellent grape growing conditions in the west of Slovenia. Brda’s rolling hills, orchards, and cypress trees have Tuscany vibes. Wine is produced without additives, chemistry and invasive technologies. They like to explore the winemaking tradition of long macerations, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast and at the same time they love to experiment with new techniques and products, just one example is Janko’s fruit ciders.
The personality

The vineyards are located on steep slopes and are strictly grown in an organic way. Tamara and Janko add common sense, care and respect for nature. In the cellar they follow their idea of natural wine and let nature do the work.

The facts

Wine region: Goriška Brda
Size of vineyards: 5 ha
Grape varieties: Riesling, Chardonnay, Rebula, Tokaj, Glera, Sivi Pinot, Merlot, Cabernet
Philosophy: above all Tamara and Janko want to produce genuine wine that inspires emotions, tells about their land and about them